The Truth About Rescue

So many more stories could be related here, but we just don’t have the time! As you can see, eastern cottontails, jackrabbits, fox squirrels, Virginia opossums, raccoons (and the list goes on!) enriched the lives of all of us at WildRescue on so many levels and reminds us of why the need exists for us to rescue on both the domestic and wild side of our animal friends. The invasion and elimination/encroachment of habitat, lack of community awareness to co-exist with wildlife, fear of wildlife, failure to assume responsibility by the public fostered by the pet trade are all primary reasons why animals are in need of help and a half-way house while they recuperate and either find new homes or are returned to their native habitat

Inspirational True Rescue Stories!

The Taco Bell Buns 

These domestic rabbits came to us at approximately 5-6 days old. Yes -- they were found on the grounds of this fast food chain and the mother could not be found. 5 of the 6 survived due to the fast thinking of a fellow cat rescuer and the care given here at WildRescue. All were adopted and have happier-ever-after stories! 

Ming and Halo

These domestic rabbits, came to us from different shelters in the DFW area this last December. It is extremely hard to tell when a domestic rabbit is pregnant, and these two proved that quite well! Ming, a mini-rex, gave birth to eleven babies, and Halo gave birth to six! Both mothers did very well, and their babies went on to find their forever homes! 

Zsa Zsa

an American Mink -- eyes closed and approximately 5 days old -- came to WildRescue thanks to a quick-thinking Petco employee and Lynn, who dashed off to pick up the baby and bring her to us as quickly as possible. She was a total joy to have here and as she stabilized and received nourishment and warmth, showed us all how incredible and awesome Nature is! Zsa Zsa was transferred to a rehabilitator who could finish raising/releasing her in a natural environment. The mink is uncommon here in Texas and its habitat is severely threatened. 

Amy the Armadillo 

Amy was a total joy to have bouncing and snuffling around our facility! She came in weighing a total of 158 grams -- just a newborn baby! Thanks to information received from a rehabilitation center in the Beaumont area of Texas we were able to stabilize, nourish and create an appropriate environment for this pink-shelled little girl. We searched the area for another rehabilitator who might have some baby armies, and almost 3 weeks after intake Amy went to live with "cousins" and was released way out in the hills of Texas away from guns and cars. Go Amy!